Glass Lewis 发布小米ESG警报:敦促股东不要将刘芹选为非执行董事

Glass Lewis 发布小米ESG警报:敦促股东不要将刘芹选为非执行董事
2023年06月03日 18:14 国际投行研究报告

Glass Lewis 发布小米ESG争议警报:敦促股东不要将刘芹选为非执行董事,因为他的当选将导致小米审计委员会的独立性不足

//Glass Lewis ESG 争议警报:小米

Glass Lewis 发布了关于小米(HKG:1810)的 ESG 争议警报,建议不要选举董事并阻止实施发行无优先购买权的 B 类股票的提议,以及一项计划发行回购股份。


根据最近公布的代理文件,刘在公司董事会任职 13 年。

Glass Lewis 还反对发行无优先认购权的 B 类股票的提议,因为它超过了建议的门槛并且发行价格折扣未披露。

该提案将在 6 月即将举行的公司会议上进行表决,将允许小米发行不超过其已发行股本 20% 的额外股份,而无优先购买权。



在 ESG 评级类别下,Glass Lewis 提出的问题涉及社区/利益相关者关系、道德和股东权利。


//Glass Lewis ESG Controversy Alert: Xiaomi

05/29/2023 | 02:03am EDT

(MT Newswires) -- Glass Lewis issued an ESG Controversy Alert on Xiaomi (HKG:1810), advising against the election of a director and discouraging the implementation of a proposal to issue class B shares without preemptive rights, as well as a plan to issue repurchased shares.

The proxy advisor is urging shareholders not to vote Liu Qin as a non-executive director as his election would result in Xiaomi having insufficient audit committee independence.

Liu had served 13 years on the company’s board, according to the proxy paper published recently.

Glass Lewis also recommended against a proposal to issue class B shares without preemptive rights as it exceeds the recommended threshold and the issue price discount was not disclosed.

The proposal, which will be voted on at the company’s upcoming meeting in June, would allow Xiaomi to issue additional shares up to 20% of its issued share capital without preemptive rights.

“We are concerned that boards may abuse these authorities in order to serve their own interests by issuing shares to any party,” Glass Lewis said.

The proxy firm also recommend shareholders to vote against a proposal to issue repurchased shares as the company has not provided the maximum discount rate in its disclosures.

Under ESG ratings categories, the issues that Glass Lewis raised are under community/stakeholder relations, ethics and shareholder rights.

Xiaomi will hold its shareholder meeting on June 8.

Price (HKD): $10.44, Change: $-0.06, Percent Change: -0.57%

//Glass Lewis是全球公司治理代理投票门户



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